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Drone Research Team Wiki

This Wiki is a compilation of notes about the California drones case, aka PACL CARET case.



Starting in the spring of 2007, pictures and stories emerged from apparently various sources. Despite much investigation, the submitters of these photographs could not be traced further than the original anonymous emails. Each case is listed in the History section.

The entire case has created quite a stir on Internet forums between people who declared it a hoax from the beginning and those that believed there was some merit to part or all of the supplied information.

The following is a map showing the locations of each sighting/report:


For the purposes of understanding how things have unfolded in the case, please read the timeline.

Current Status

Some people believe the entire case is a hoax [1], others believe it is all real [2], and still others believe somewhere in between. You must decide for yourself.

Because none of the original photo "witnesses" are making themselves available, much of the investigation relies on analysis of the presented data, photographs, and the stories.

Here are some current problems with the case:

Location issues

  • The Chad photo site was discovered along Highway 17 [3], not Bakersfield as implied to LMH.
  • The Rajinder Satyanarana photo site was discovered in Campbell CA [4], not Capitola as described by Raj.

Photograph analysis:

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